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Nice game, super fun, but kinda short and not worth paying for

Most boring game ever

This game is so boring ! Do not buy this game and waste money. It does does not have is so hard.I say get rid of this game right now!

Awesome visuals, clunky mechanics

After playing this game, I feel torn because I didn't enjoy it, but I can tell the developers worked really hard on it. The visuals and music are fun--I really liked the color palettes and the artwork itself. However, I'd get frustrated a lot trying to find new objects because as I explored, objects kept turning into ones that I'd already discovered. So I was constantly undoing and redoing with no forward progress. If you like easy going games that involve visual rewards and exploration, you might like this. I prefer more strategy and less finicky swipe mechanics.

Delightfully weird

The nonsensical objects combine perfectly with the wacky music to create a surreal experience as the ordinary becomes weird. Reminds me of ISLANDS: Non-Places, which is a strong recommendation.

Clever but still has glitches

I agree with folks who want a better guide to the puzzles. Or else there’s still a glitch or two. When you get to the scroll you can’t make all the potential transformations that appear to be available and there’s no where else to go that I can see. Tried every angle but no way forward. Ditto for the lockets and the cards— no way to move the game along. A fun game that turns very boring/frustrating, I am ready to banish it from my iphone.


Such a cool game, and there are lots of secrets to be found.🧐 it’s the best kind of digital toy.

Great for fans of mind-bending puzzlers

If you are a fan of mind-bending like Monument Valley, Gorogoa, Antichamber, Blackbox, or The Witness, this game is be a must play. Vignettes is a hidden gem that’s great at taking a seemingly simple concept, then expanding upon it as you discover how many clever puzzles can come from such a simple premise.

Great Game, Want More

This game is a bit pricey for only about 2-3 hours of gameplay, but it’s totally worth it. It’s so much fun messing with the objects and seeing where each will lead, especially since there are no instructions or explanations to guide you. It’s a great game to beat and then watch your friends try out, since now you know how to beat it and they don’t. I also love all the little easter eggs and two secret links that you can get by putting all the puzzle pieces together. My only concern is that I want this game to be longer. I could go for hours and hours turning objects and doing cool little things, and this sort of feels like a teaser or demo of a full game. While I really do enjoy this game and give it 5 stars, I still beat it wanting more, maybe more secrets, more objects, or, once you get all the keys, an entirely new world of objects is opened. Granted, that would be doubling the game size, but it would make the game SO much better because I never get tired of the intriguing concept.

A Magnificent Puzzle Game!

The Music And Colors Are Very Vibrant And I Love That! And How The Objects Transform Into Other Objects Are Amazing! Thank You For Creating Such A Wonderful App!

I keep redownloading this game!

I found this game years ago and ever since I have come back to it to find new things to discover. I love this game, it has the most unique art style and game features with a fitting soundtrack. If you want a delightful puzzle game please get this!!


I don’t write reviews for apps like ever... But I’ve been looking for a game on the iPhone like this forever, it’s calming and so clever. I love Easter eggs and this game has a few of them (; love the mystery and the interaction with the object. Pleaseeee update with more phases.

Played till I couldn’t play anymore

(I had to look up how to spell Ouija board and my entire review deleted 🙄 stupid word) So first of all I regret buying this game yesterday as it became so addicting that I put my homework off until 11 PM, it’s that good. At the time of writing, I only have the last secret in the spooky world to get, but I’m having trouble... so SPOILERS AHEAD So the bowl & pestle you use to make the color scheme change 3 times becomes a voodoo doll, mine currently has a knife stabbed into it whenever I get to its screen, and I think you have to get back to the pestle from there because the ouija board’s final stage shows knives pointing to a hole (not to mention the secret’s card shows a knife stabbed into said hole)... BUT getting back to the pestle has been a FREAKING ordeal, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to line everything up perfectly because the menu where you see which objects become which objects lists it as a reversible change and because it’s a dead end shape. And before this review I watched a YouTube video where a guy got back to the pestle in mere seconds (I added another 5 minutes trying to follow what he did exactly to no avail). It’s a great game in my opinion (hence my 5 stars), but it felt disappointing not being able to experience everything because of a glitch. Edit: to elaborate on the problem I experienced, when I make one of the feet disappear, the other’s outline is always visible, I’ve never been able to make both outlines disappear fully 2nd edit: decided to open the game for the first time in a while and the doll transition works fine now, I don’t know what I did different but hey, my completionist mindset has been satisfied 😁

Second playthrough broken

I’ve beaten the game once already and I love it. The game has taken its own special direction, unfortunately the game won’t let me unlock the music secret. I’ve beaten it before and I know how to do it but the game will not register the notes, :(. P.S : the deepest secrets are awesome! You should make a second game or a dlc to the game :)


nothing is real


absolutely adore this game and its creative thinking, but there is one glitch for me where i put the correct sequence in for the trumpet but it does not unlock the seventh secret (i looked at a walkthrough)

Total Waste of Money (Rip Off)

This games was a Total Disappointment!!! I can’t believe I even spent money on it now. No free test mode, no instruction menu on what to do, and no rewards for completing levels are just a few of the problems with this game. I bought it because of a high rating. I’m not sure why anyone would give it positive reviews, it only positively sucked. I’d ask for my money back if I could so I’ll settle for this 1star rating. I would have put 0 stars but it wasn’t an option 💩


At first, I was skeptical on whether this was a game worthy of me purchasing. I looked at a few reviews and decided to buy it, it was only 0.99 when I bought. I am truly amazed at how beautifully put together this is. I would definitely recommend this to short puzzle people.


Play this game. Especially if you are on drugs!

Unique, and Slightly Busted

Very much enjoyed this. Unique, trippy, and very fun when you figure out what you’re doing. Latest version of iOS and the app (even after reinstall) has some glitches that caused a restart. TV glitched and froze, as did the camera after taking pictures. Also while using the microscope all of the navigation buttons stopped working, disappearing when I clicked them until I was forced to restart. Also 100% the game but wasn’t given Game Center achievements for finding all areas in zone 5 and another hidden achievement (all original and spooky secrets have been discovered). Game would be a flawless 5 stars without performance issues and glitches.

Creative, Addicting, Unique.

Did some YouTube searches of gameplay prior but I was sold even then, the game is mind boggling, Tripp’s, but easy enough so that you don’t get frustrated, and calming. The puzzles and secrets leave you wishing and wanting more after you figure out a new combination, since it’s all based on perspective. Short but fun. Personally worth the $3. Especially with the update.

Clever and entertaining

If you like spatial/physical type puzzle games with hidden secrets and unexpected elements, this game is the perfect choice. I loved the rooms, the simple graphics, and the fun game interactions. The spooky room was my favorite.

More levels

You should make more levels and stuff to turn into because this game is really fun and I'm sad that it's so short

Bad design

You think because it looks snazzy you can get away with this much mystery meat navigation? Get over yourselves and explain the game to new players or suffer the dreaded one star.

It's working great now after earlier problems.

Very clever game so far. I apologize to the developers for an earlier, unfair negative review.

Good game

I love the game, and especially the idea of being able to create stuff from completely unrelated items (i.e., a tv from a pan), but it is a little bit short. Of course, I'm not complaining too much, because at only $0.99 it is a steal!

Lovely design. No idea what im doing.

Design and gameplay is so amazing. Concept is great. Tons of content. I just wish there was a bit more text about what is going on - can’t tell how to progress and why there are different collections. I feel like I start the game over for each time I open it. I can tell the figuring out the menus and stuff is sort of part of the game experience but it’s not as intuitive as it could be - iconography and progression is still confusing.

Awesome fun—very different

This is a great game. It reminds of some of the puzzles I solved when playing the Myst/Riven games of the 90s. Well worth the cost. It may take some time at first to understand what you are trying to do/accomplish in the game. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded. The game can be a bit frustrating at times but it’s very ascetically pleasing and gratifying when you discover a new object or unlock a secret within the game. It’s almost as if the whole game is finding Easter egg after Easter egg.

Love it!!!

This game is very fun and entertaining. It's so simplistic but yet brings so much complexity. If you like figuring puzzles out on your own, this is a great game for you!!

Great and cool

I am having a lot of fun with the new update but I can’t get to find the skull with the gem eyes in the witches hut and I don’t know what to do can someone tell me what to do

Amazing!! But..

This game is amazing and I’ve finished lost of the frames, except the last one which I’m not quite sure how to get started with. It’s the skull one or “spooky update” and I’m not sure how to start using it and I’ve looked online how to

I absolutely loved this game

The visuals and colors were stunning and the gameplay was challenging but still fun. It is a little short so I hope more gets released soon


This is the best dream I ever had

Voodoo doll not working

It appears to be impossible to switch from the voodoo doll back to the mortar and pestle.

Fun puzzle game that’s easy to get lost in

It’s easy to lose time swiping and turning the shapes. I love that they keep adding levels, making it totally worth the cost.


The chest won't open after putting in the last key. I can turn it around, but it won't open no matter what I do.

Obtuse Interface

The game looks and sounds great but I couldn’t make much progress as I couldn’t sort out how to get back to where I had last left off when loading it for a 2nd time. I was frustratingly tapping on its random assortment of non-cue-giving icons to try and find my way back to the last “puzzle” I had completed to no avail.

Bugs in new update

There is a bug where after I played it I couldn't get back in the witch lair?? I tried several times restarting the game but it didn't work :( I do hope you fix it as this one of my most favorite games. Good luck! I was using an IPad Air 2 if you were wondering.

Really fun

This game is great. I bought it last night and played till I beat it. It is a little short but it's so much fun. Kinda hard to explain what type of game it is, it was just really unique. You twist and turn the object to make the colors form into different objects. There's also little secrets to find. It was relaxing and clever and just an all around cool game. Hoping they add to it. Give it a shot. Edit: Unfortunately after the new update the game has become unplayable. The chest in the very beginning won’t even open to allow access to the game.

New Update

There’s already problem I’ve run into. After playing in the witche’s hut and accidentally clicking into the witch’s frame and looking at the key then out to the chest, it assumes I’ve already gotten the new key and does the whole sequence of making a new one; then the chest doesn’t even open, just makes the unlocking sound it did but without the key even on screen.

AWESOME!! Great job! Amazing design!

Found all the secrets relatively fast, but still greatly hidden. This game is mind boggling! The shifts and turns just are awesome! Great idea for an app, all my games I’ve made are not as cleverly designed as this one, it’s just amazing! Great job team and keep up the good work! P.S. I am going to play the alpha version on the computer as son as possible! I loved the app!

Got Me Hooked!

This game is a very addicting puzzle turner and it’s unique in its own way I’ve never been hooked on an iPhone game unlike this I would recommend to everyone I find :)

Unique relaxed game

Stylish, simple game. I think you have to be in the right mood to play it. It’s a relaxed, creative experience where you just go with the flow. It’s not a game with clear rules or direction. If you just want a fun, mindless distraction this should be perfect.


Will there ever be anymore of the game?

Fun. Beautiful. Sexy.

Great time

Takes a little to get it, but worth it.

I’m having fun with this game! I had to go back and look at what i was doing but i got the goal in the end. Great job!

Wonderful and unique!

A very pretty little puzzle box. Sounds great too!


Mobile Interactive Minimal Audio Visual Experience 😍 if you like any of those things, play play play. Skeleton Corps! Make more!


I highly recommend this game! I had so much fun unraveling the puzzles and was very happy with the difficulty level. It was challenging but not so much that I had to get help from walkthroughs.



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